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12.12 Promotion 12% off!

12.12 is the time to shop! >>

NON-GMO probiotics from Belgium are 12% off the entire brand! 12 December 2023 - 15 December 2023 at SHOPEE

Biome Balance - Probiotic product for adults to balance the intestines 14 strains of probiotics + 2 prebiotics, 15 billion CFU/sachet, probiotics from Belgium 1,403.- from 1,595.- THB

Little Biome - Probiotic product for children to balance the intestines 5+1 strains of probiotics + 2 prebiotics, 5 billion CFU/sachet, probiotics from Belgium 1,016.- from 1,190.- THB

Biome Fiber - Fiber dietary supplement is a food for probiotic bacteria and helps to balance digestion. Contains prebiotics PHGG and SunFiber from Japan. 871.- from 990.- THB

Biome D4 - Probiotic dietary supplement to help care for oral health 4 billion CFU/gram probiotics create biofilms to restore oral health, suitable for people with tooth decay or frequent oral diseases. 871.- from 990.- THB

Saccharomyces+ - Dietary supplement of good yeast, beneficial to the body, helps to balance the fungus - yeast in the intestines, relieve bloating, frequent bowel movements, constipation, reduce acne, strengthen the immune system. 1,135.- from 1,290.- THB

CelFix Fix Cell To Be Well “Good health starts at the cell”

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