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Miss Yaneenart Nuanmul

Medical Laboratory Technologist

Yaneenart Nuanmul received her B.Sc in Medical Technology second-class honours from Rangsit University. She can speak English very well. After graduation, she works as a Medical Laboratory Technologist in Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Microscopy, and Blood transfusion routine laboratory at BNH hospital, Bangkok, Thailand. She also exported specimens to external laboratories including samples for RT-PCR testing for COVID-19, as well as followed-up results, reported the test results to doctors, and supervised tools, reagents, and instruments in the laboratory under ISO15189 and ISO15190.

Then she comes to work with Celfix Clinic and Lab. Her job is working in functional Laboratory using GCMS to detect organic compounds in urine. These are in Krebs cycle which can tell us in the metabolic function in patient. Her job also involves taking blood samples and send to the external laboratory. Our Lab is working as the distributor of GENOVA Diagnostics. We need to send stool, urine and saliva sample to USA so her job is sending all of these for analysis special tests such as GI Effects Comprehensive Profile, All Allergy Antibody, and Genomic Test.

Miss Yaneenart Nuanmul
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