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Dr Kobkul Sudsuansri Ph.D.

Managing Director

Dr Kobkul Sudsuansri received her B.Sc  and M.Sc  from Mahidol University Thailand, Ph.D. in Chemistry  from University of Cincinnati, USA and  Post-doctoral from University of Rouen France. After her Post-doctoral in France, she worked as communication director for Functional Laboratory in Paris for more than 20 years. Then she came back and forth between Thailand and France and started her job as consultant and lecturer for Functional Medicine for N-Health Asia and Consultant for Chinese laboratory in shanghai etc... Now she works as founder and managing director of  CelFix Clinic and Lab – official distributor for Institute of Research Development  and Pathology  human from France, Genova and Metametrix Clinical Laboratory from USA and THT Probiotic producer from Belgium. Her interests are focused on the role of genetic, nutrition, gut health, oxidative stress and impaired detoxification in chronic diseases neurodevelopmental, neuropsychiatric, neurodegenerative disorders and cancers including the important role of epigenetic regulation.


Dr. Sutthiphong Sukhakul M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. Sutthiphong Sukhakul M.D. received his high school diploma from Saint Cabian College, Bangkok Thailand. After that he continued his study and then received his B.Sc in Medical Science and Medical degree from Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University ,Bangkok Thailand.

After graduation he worked as medical director of Bangkaew Hospital and then at Kuankhanun Hospital in Pattalung province, Thailand. 

Then he returned to Bangkok and joined the operation team to establish Phasrichareon Hospital in 1989.

In 2015, he was a co-founder of Thaicellfix Co.,Ltd  with Dr. Kobkul Sudsuansri Ph.D. and he also the medical director of our Celfix wellness Clinic


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Miss Yanika Sudsuansri 

Marketing and Accountant

Yanika Sudsuansri, received her B.Sc in Food Science and Technology with first-class honours. Her senior project involved in probiotic “Development of probiotic fruit juices by Lactobacillus spp. and evaluation of probiotic viability under cold storage.” During that time, she got the Ajinomoto Talent Scholarship for 4 years. She earned many experiences and new friends from other universities. 

Summer 2018, she has an opportunity to work as a Laboratory Technical Assistant at Celfix Clinic and Lab, Bangkok Thailand. Summer 2020, she interned at Nestlé Thailand, the world's largest food and beverage company. She practiced as a marketing researcher. Her works was surveying on “Plant-based meal and identification of potential in restaurants”. 

Then she joined Celfix Clinic and Lab where she works as a marketing and accountant. And she hopes with her different experience. She can help developing the company.


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Miss Yaneenart Nuanmul

Medical Laboratory Technologist

Yaneenart Nuanmul received her B.Sc in Medical Technology second-class honours from Rangsit University. She can speak English very well. After graduation, she works as a Medical Laboratory Technologist in Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Microscopy, and Blood transfusion routine laboratory at BNH hospital, Bangkok, Thailand. She also exported specimens to external laboratories including samples for RT-PCR testing for COVID-19, as well as followed-up results, reported the test results to doctors, and supervised tools, reagents, and instruments in the laboratory under ISO15189 and ISO15190. 

Then she comes to work with Celfix Clinic and Lab. Her job is working in functional Laboratory using GCMS to detect organic compounds in urine. These are in Krebs cycle which can tell us in the metabolic function in patient. Her job also involves taking blood samples and send to the external laboratory. Our Lab is working as the distributor of GENOVA Diagnostics. We need to send stool, urine and saliva sample to USA so her job is sending all of these for analysis special tests such as GI Effects Comprehensive Profile, All Allergy Antibody, and Genomic Test.


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Miss Warinporn Chungchai

Clinic and Lab Manager

Warinporn Chungchai received her B.Sc in Chemistry and M.Sc in Analytical chemistry from Ubon Ratchathani University, Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand. Her research topic was the development of 3D-μPAD with colorimetric assay for chlorpyrifos pesticide based on the reaction using GQDs-AuNPs as a color probe. This research was published in International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry. During her M.Sc study, she worked as research assistant (RA) for senior project of B.Sc. students and as teaching assistant (TA) of instrumental method for Chemical Analytical from 2017-2019.

 Currently, she works as a lab manager, supervise and manage the work of medical technology, verifying the result before send report to doctor and advices our test to patients or others clinic. For clinic manager, she handles and manages the clinic such as the arranging, preparing clinic documents, answering the phone/email/line, confirmation appointment with patients and direct helping works from our managing director. In addition, she is responsible for importing probiotic bacteria, preparing and calculating formula of probiotic to marketing person.

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