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The "Leaky Gut" Connection

The presence of circulating IgG antibodies to foods may be suggestive of increased intestinal permeability, also referred to as "leaky gut syndrome."

When the tight junctions forming the barrier in the gut don't work properly, larger substances can "leak" through, causing an immune response.

This immune response may result in the production of IgG antibodies to foods. There are multiple dietary and lifestyle factors that contribute to increased intestinal permeability. These factors include alcohol, stress, chronic NSAID use, Western-type diet (high consumption of red meat, animal fat, high sugar, and low fiber food), and prolonged and strenuous exercise.

igG food.png

IgG Foods

87 Foods plus total IgE

IgG Vegetarian

21 Foods plus total IgE

IgG Spices

      24 Spices plus total IgE

IgE Food

19 Foods plus total IgE

IgE Molds

IgE Inhalants

Celiac and Gluten

15 Molds plus total IgE

16 Inhalants specific to 18 North American

geographic regions plus total IgE

Total IgA, tTG IgA, DGP igA,
EMA igA, anti gluten, IgG
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