About Us

Company background



            The company is established by a group of close friend who educated in science and medicine degrees from the same university when young, grew up worked as professionals in different areas upon complete their further specialized training and educations such as medical advisory clinic, medical doctor, medical school instructor, private company management. Some of them have had international experiences, work and study, while still preserve native Thai culture as core values; graceful, trustworthy and respectful. We envisage the social problem and business opportunity. Hyperactive, autistic kids and neurodegenerative ageing disorders such as Alzheimer’s have become the national issue. Although there are a few organizations offer helps for such disorder persons when the symptoms are clearly noticed. A preventive medicine seems to be inadequate. We believe the best way to alleviate these problems is by finding the origin of the diseases and using natural way to balance our body. Having that thought in our minds we then agreed to set up the business. The objective are to build functional medicine business for kids and everybody for better health and happy life. Part of the profit will donate to society in forms of charity via autism foundation and other governmental activities.

Business philosophy, vision, mission and goal
Business philosophy
The business philosophy is provide knowledge and preventive medicine to families or individuals with regard to children health, adult health and aging disorders
Thai cell fix strives to provide a high standard
We are literally perfectionists, trust our works.